Choose the right plan and grow.

How do I get paid?

Whenever a sale has been made your portion of the sale directly goes to your Paypal or Stripe account. No need to request payouts or withdraw money.

Do I need to have a website or shop?

No, you can sell without having your own website or taking the time-consuming process of programming your own website. You can subscribe and start right away selling your items.

Do I need to have Paypal?

Ìf you don't like Paypal you can receive money with your Stripe account.

What fees do I need to pay?

Besides our transaction fee you pay the transaction fee of Paypal and Stripe.

Why do you charge a transaction fee?

Hosting your files and paying for the traffic whenever someone streams your demo or looks at your product costs money. We also offer the fastest download speeds for your files worldwide from various servers. Our infrastructure has been built especially to serve high traffic needs which is also not that simple. This all costs money. Then we also provide support and many valuable tools to help you earn money from your items.

Why should I subscribe to a monthly plan?

Not only you can create your follower base all in one place but you can also save huge profits. While you pay large commissions at other distribution platforms you can keep a maximum of your profit.

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