• World Series: Kaval Flute


    'World Series: Kaval Flute' by Pulsed Records is the continuation of this series of products that feature traditional folklore compositions from all over the world, performed using rare and unique instruments. This product contains high quality recordings of the Kaval Flute, suitable for any film, advertisement and music production.

  • World Series Balkan Traditions Bundle


    'World Series: Balkan Traditions Bundle' is a collection of two unique products from Pulsed Records, reflecting the native traditions of the Balkan region of Eastern Europe. These amazing ethnic vocals and bagpipe compositions can be used in any type of production, film, advertisement, and more.

  • Afro Dancefloor Vocals Vol1


    Afro-Dancefloor Vocals Vol.1 has been created for producers and artists who want to produce Afro Dancefloor songs of different styles like, Afro-House, Afro-Tech, Tech-House, Deep-House or Latin-House, etc.

  • Klang: Found Percussion Hits


    We've searched homes and work spaces high and low to collect this assortment of characterful, offbeat found percussion sounds. This is Klang - Found Percussion Hits, the meticulously recorded, intricately performed set of unique Percussion sounds that'll spice up even the driest of drum grooves.

  • World String Loops Ronroco Vol 2


    'World String Loops: Ronroco Vol 2' builds on the success of the first Volume in the World Strings series from Vanilla Groove Studios. This pack contains 69 stunning Ronroco loops recorded "dry", allowing the natural tone and texture of the instrument to clearly resonate. Use the loops as is to add a little depth to your tracks or sprinkle liberally with reverb to produce something magical.

  • Finger Tap Arps Vol 1


    From the makers of Odd String Thing, and Nylon String Arps, comes another world first. 'Finger Tap Arps Vol 1' brings you 61 finger tapping loops to liven up your tracks. Recorded using high end guitars and an overdriven tube amp, to give each loop superior tone and texture, all loops are included “dry”, giving you all the flexibility you need to twist and warp them to your heart’s desire.

  • Nylon String Arps Vol 2


    Add some warmth and texture to your tracks with ‘Nylon String Arps Vol 2’. This pack contains a collection of 53 arpeggios and rhythmic loops, arranged in three sets, ranging from 122 to 140 BPM. Recorded with high end nylon string guitars, all loops are recorded 'dry' with only natural reverb, giving you the ability to manipulate each loop as you see fit. These loops are perfect for chillout/downtempo tracks, or to add some character and warmth to electro/Hip Hop tracks. 

  • Ukulele Loops Vol 1


    'Ukulele Loops Vol 1' brings some chirpy sunshine to your tracks. This pack of lovingly crafted ukulele loops were recorded with a selection of high end ukes on a mid-summer’s day, with pixies flittering all about. Featuring 36 funderful ukulele loops arranged in 6 construction kits, ranging from 92 to 110 BPM, Ukulele Loops Vol 1 gives you the tools you need to build your next indie/folk hit!

  • Odd String Thing Vol 1


    Add some delightful oddness to your tracks with “Odd String Thing Vol 1”. Recorded with ukulele/gitalele and a well-placed strip of paper, this pack contains 75 odd melodic/percussive loops, grouped into 6 sets at 60 BPM and 140 BPM. Part ethnic jig, part rock grove and something a little more hard to place, Odd String loops are perfect for Hip Hop, Dubstep, World and Chillout tracks. 

  • Nylon String Arps Vol 1


    Add some warmth to your tracks with ‘Nylon String Arps Vol 1'. A collection of 50 arpeggios and rhythmic loops ranging from 60 to 120 bpm arranged in 10 easy to use construction kits. Recorded with high end nylon string guitars these loops are perfect for chillout / downtempo tracks or great to add some character and warmth to electro/Hip Hop tracks. 

  • Smoking Hot Latin Guitars Vol 1


    Add some spice to your tracks with “Smoking Hot Latin Guitars, Volume 1”. This pack contains a vibrant collection of 52 Spanish Guitar loops ranging from 60 to 130 BPM and arranged in easy to use construction kits, perfect for EDM, chillout, downtempo, and groove tracks. All loops were recorded with high-end Spanish guitars and can be layered together or mixed and matched for maximum flexibility. 

  • Epic Legends Vol 1


    'Epic Legends Vol 1' from Equalsounds brings you five inspirational symphonic Construction Kits packed with intense arrangements. These Kits are influenced by the best movie soundtracks of all time, created for composers and producers looking for a Cinematic/Orchestral feel in their creations.