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Seller Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully. By clicking the ‘Register or Update’ button below you accept and agree to our provider agreement.

Terms of Service

This is a legally binding agreement between YOU and ROQSTAR Audio (ROQSTAR) stating the terms that regulate your upload of products, descriptions, graphics & images, demos, files, reviews and other data resources (data resources) to (marketplace) by our online provider interface (PI) and also by FTP to the ROQSTAR Audio Servers. By clicking ‘Register’ you agree to this provider agreement and the terms of service.

Our terms of service & conditions, privacy policy, license agreement and this provider agreement constitute the continuing overall Agreement between you and ROQSTAR Audio. By continuing your provider account and using the Provider Interface PI on our Marketplace means that you accept all of our terms of service conditions set stated in this agreement.

Duration of this Agreement

This agreement continues to be valid indefinitely until either party terminates the business relationship and the agreement by not less than 30 days notice in writing a ‘Termination Notice’ by email.

Provider Information

You promise that all informations you provide are true, accurate and complete. ROQSTAR Audio collects your information with the use of our privacy policies. We respect the privacy of each provider. You can find our Privacy Policy on our website.

Changes and Updates

If we update this agreement, we will announce this to you in your PI. You will need to confirm that you have read and accept the new conditions. You may get an additional email notice.

Worldwide Rights (non-exclusive)
You hereby grant ROQSTAR Audio a non-exclusive worldwide right to sell, market and advertise your product(s) as downloads at

Royalties and Payment

ROQSTAR Audio pays you 50 – 70% Royalty Comission based on the total sales amount after deduction of taxes and affiliate dividend payments (comission percentage depends on your sales). We will not deduct payment processing fees or hosting costs. You’re royalties will be paid each month via Paypal. Usually, this happens until the the 10th day of each month. Make sure to state a correct Paypal Email Address. Otherwise we can not pay you.

We will pay you the complete amount of comissions via Paypal. However, we do not pay any Paypal fees. We pay you in USD ($). If your Paypal account is running with a different currency Paypal will convert the amount to your currency.

Your Sale Statistics

All products sold will be shown in your account under ‘Your Sales’. After an order is completed successfully it will immediately show up in your sales statistic. There’s even a possibility to search for your sales by date. Futhermore you can see the total of your sales and your comission (royalties). With our realtime sale statistics you have full control over all your sales and are well-informed at any time. You receive an email sale notification for each sold product. Additionally, there’s the possibility to export your sale statistics to .CSV files which you can easily import in your accounting system.

Monthly Statement

Each month you will receive your payment’Monthly Statement’ showing you your sales total and commissions paid. Please make sure to save this file from your email. The monthly statement will be sent to your Paypal Email Address.


ROQSTAR Audio has an integrated and advanced fraud-prevention system. This prevents fraud checks as good as possible. Fraud checks and systems implemented to protect the Site include the following: ROQSTAR Audio monitors all IP addresses of customers. When a customer start’s downloading a product link the product can only be downloaded again from this computer. This also protects sharing of download link.

Nevertheless, should it happen that a sale of your product(s) is charged back by the customer’s Credit Card issuer, then ROQSTAR Audio will file a dispute with our Payment Service Provider. If the Payment Service Provider can not recover the refunds then ROQSTAR Audio will cover their fifty of the charged back amount. Equivalent you will cover the other fifty percent (50%).

Your Provider Account

In your provider account you can find an Interface which allows you to add new products (description, images, audio demos, reviews, etc.). When you set up a new product it will need to be approved by us before you can see it online in the store. Please follow the guidlines written in the interface to manage your products and sales. We strongly advise you not to share your provider access user name or password with any other person. You are solely responsible to keep your provider login information secure.

Product Management

It’s easy to add a new product. It is more or less self-explanatory. You can upload all files such as your product images, audio demos (MP3) and demo files via the provider interface. To upload the large product files we advise you to use your FTP account to access your provider folder which contains all your files. In the interface you can easily choose a file from your folder and attach it to a product. Nobody else than you or ROQSTAR can access these files. Customers will receive encrypted download links.

Note: You can upload large files of any size.

Terms of Submission and Upload

All of the promotional material such as descriptional text, images, audio demos, free demo files and licence agreement you submit/upload will be displayed ot our customers. You agree that your submissions (made in your provider interface) shall not infringe or violate the rights of any other party or violate any laws. It is strictly forbidden to contribute infringing or unlawful conduct. It is also forbidden to provide obscene products or of poor taste. You are obligated to make sure that you own all necessary rights & licenses. You hereby grant ROQSTAR Audio non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty free license to promote and market your products and use your promotional material without any compensation or obligation to you.

By uploading material to ROQSTAR Audio Server(s) in any way, you grant that you own all the rights of the uploaded materials, title, description text, images and all other data uploaded. You grant that you are at least 18 year old and mentally competent to accept this provider agreement.

If there is any dispute about the ownership of any of your submitted material. Your products will be temporarily disabled from ROQSTAR Audio until you can completely proof that you own the rights of the submitted material.

By accepting these terms and uploading any files to ROQSTAR Audio Server(s) you are agreeing to this legally binding contract between you and ROQSTAR

Approval/Rejection of Products

ROQSTAR Audio is screening all products submitted and will only release them after a detailed evaluation. If you product meets our standards and contains all promotional material the product will be ‘Approved for Sale’.

ROQSTAR Audio reserves the right to reject any product for any reason. Make sure your images and product description are of good quality otherwise your product will not be ‘Approved for Sale’.

ROQSTAR Audio reserves the right to modify your product descriptions, to remove outgoing links, modify upselling products and other material. We also reserve the right to delete any material at any time without notice. If this should be the case, there is the possibility to request a statement by email.

ROQSTAR Audio reserves the right to make changes to the appearance of your products. These changes are basically apply to design, images and text descriptions to keep the products and store look clear and clean. We do not change the price of your product or the product files.

Rights and Ownership

ROQSTAR Audio does not retain any rights on your products, images, audio files or any other files submitted or uploaded by you. You retain all ownership rights. ROQSTAR Audio solely have the right to market and sell your products until until either party terminates the business relationship.

Legal Content & Legal Disputes

If you post any illegal material, files or data or material you will be held will be held financially responsible for all legal consequences and costs incurred by you and ROQSTAR Audio. You have the legal right to use our service after our provider account was approved to upload your content to ROQSTAR Audios Server(s) by FTP or Provider Interface when you made sure you own the complete copyrighted of the content. ROQSTAR Audio does have absolutely no liability if it is discovered that the content is not legally owned by you.

Be warned, that you will be held accountable for all costs that arise of any legal disputes. Take note that ROQSTAR Audio reserves the right to send a copy of this provider agreement and the terms of use to any relevant parties in case of a legal dispute. In case of of a copyright dispute you grant ROQSTAR Audio the right to discuss matters concerning your complete use of ROQSTAR Audio with any relevant third-parties. This happens without notice to you.

Hereby, you accept that you will be held financially accountable for all financial losses incurred by ROQSTAR Audio. You accept that in the event of legal action being taken against ROQSTAR Audio concerning a copyright dispute that you will be required to fully reimburse ROQSTAR Audio for all legal costs incurred, not limited to, but including lawyer salaries, legal fees, legal damages, travel costs and any other costs or compensations that have been caused.

Enforcement of Terms & Law Enforcement

ROQSTAR Audio reserves the right to take any steps necessary to enforce and verify compliance with any part of this Agreement. This includes the right to cooperate with any legal process relating to your use of ROQSTAR Audio, if any party claim that that the any of the content you uploaded of posted is unlawful or infringes such party’s rights.

Hereby, you agree that ROQSTAR Audio has the right to disclose any Registration data or Account Information including Your Sales to any law enforcement authorities or third party, when ROQSTAR Audio it is necessary to enforce this Agreement between You an ROQSTAR Audio.


ROQSTAR Audio set Terms and Conditions for customers. The customers must agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering. It is clearly written that Customers can not return downloadable goods. The only way a customer can get a legal refund is when you advertise with incorrect data or wrong informations and descriptions. Only in this case, ROQSTAR Audio will process a refund.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability Limitations

ROQSTAR Audio does not guarantee 100% uptime. This means that we can not guarantee a service which is completely free from errors. You agree, that ROQSTAR Audio can temporarily close the Store for maintenance and updates. You also agree that ROQSTAR Audio can suspend or completely remove the service at any time without any notice to you.

In absolutely no case ROQSTAR Audio or it’s employees can be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequential damages arising from your use of ROQSTAR Audios service. This includes any errors, typos, copyright infringement, any damage of any kind incurred as a result of the utilization of our service and/or providing, uploading or posting content and products or made available on ROQSTAR Entetertainments website in any way. This term applies even if we were advised of their possibility. This exclusion of the limitation of libabilty of ROQSTAR Audio for any consequential damages shall be should only by restricted by the extend permitted by Swiss Law.

ROQSTAR Audio takes care after your private information and protects the information submitted with knowledge that your submission of any information is at your only risk. In no case ROQSTAR Audio can be liable for any loss of information (in any way) and the resulted damages that may arise.

Security & Technical Issues

ROQSTAR Audio is anxious to maintain the servers and websites securities on the optimal level of safety. Security Certifactes and security updates will be performed by ROQSTAR’ hosting company. Nevertheless, ROQSTAR Audio can not guarantee and a service which is completely free from interference, hacking, frauds, corruption, viruses, loss and other security invasions. ROQSTAR Audio declines any responsiblity relating to such security issues.

ROQSTAR Audio’ hoster has over 99% uptime. You acknowledge that it is possible that ROQSTAR Audio and its website encouter difficulties to function properly and the fact that ROQSTAR Audio’ service may need to be temporarily disabled. ROQSTAR Audio shall not be liable for such interruptions in service. ROQSTAR Audio will take all efforts possible to keep the time of duration of interruption small. ROQSTAR Audio can not make any guarantees about the effectivity of the servers, websites and technology.

Indemnity and Waiver

By using the service and website of ROQSTAR Audio, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless ROQSTAR Audio and it’s employees, owners, affiliates and subsidiary company from any and all losses, damages, claims, demands and causes of of actions and judgements (including all court costs and legal fees) which arise of your breach out of this Agreement or the use of ROQSTAR Audio’ service or website. You can not sue or recover any damages from ROQSTAR Audio, its owner, employees, affiliates or subsidiary company as a result of its decision to terminate or suspend the Agreement stated here. This indemnity and waiver regulation applies to all breaches and violations described in this agreement.


The Law of Switzerland govern this Terms and your use of the service and Provider Interface. Your use of ROQSTAR Audio’ service may also be subject to other international or territorial laws. You hereby agree that the High Court of Switzerland shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

By clicking ‘Register’, register you as a provider and start to use the service, you confirm that you have red and understand our Terms of Service and you agree to this legally binding Provider Agreement between you and ROQSTAR Audio.

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