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How to order?

To make your stay at Roqstar even easier this guide shows you the main features of Roqstar and helps you to purchase with ease.

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Choose your category

First choose your main category and then choose your subcategory. For example if you’re looking for Samples browse over samples and the desired subcategory.


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New Arrivals Section

In main categories you can find New Arrivals sections showing you the latest items for this main category. New Arrivals are not shown in subcateogories but the items are already sorted by the latest item first. Here can find all New Arrivals. You can also find the latest sample packs, presets, audio and instrument plugins, DAW templates and all other items in our RSS New Products section. Additionally, all our latest items are shown on our homepage.


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Filter within a category

To narrow your search use the filter section on the left side of each category. The filter options vary for each section.


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Product Information

On the product page you can find all detailed informations about your desired product. The numbers explain each section.
(1) Add to cart button
(2) Cash Rewards, for every order you can get cash rewards in your account. Read more
(3) Switch the tabs by clicking for more information
(4) With the social share buttons you can share an item on a social platform. Sometimes you can get rewarded for sharing items with cash rewards into your account.


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Once you added an item to your cart you can enter your customer details and choose if you would like to create an account.
We strongly recommend to choose this option as you will get cash rewards to this account. With an account you will also be able to see all invoices and access your download links at a later time. You also can see all tax details and reedem your cash rewards or enter a coupon code. We will add more payment options soon.

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