For Sellers

How to become a Seller?

After you registered for a member account on our website. You can apply to become a Seller at Roqstar and start selling your digital music items right away.


  1. Click on the ‘Activate your seller account’.
  2. Fill out the form with your details and add a company name or link to your work.
  3. Wait for your activation. You’ll get notified via email.


Why do you need a link to my work?

To keep the item quality high we need to have a listen and look at your music. This can be a link to your website or soundcloud profile or even company/brand website. Once we have activated your account you will get an email.


Activated Seller Account

Once your Seller Account has been approved you will see the green label ‘enabled’  next to your Seller Area. You can now click on ‘Go To Your Seller Area’ to go to the seller area where you can set up items and start selling.



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