• Drums Passion

    Collection of 132 drum loops, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, rides, vocals and much, much more content.
  • Deeper House


    'Deeper House' by Audio Masters delivers a collection of incredible deep analogue sounds & emotive melodies, produced to an exceptional standard. Featuring five Construction Kits with multiple song sections and a professional feature set, this pack is a must have for all Deep House, House and EDM producers.

  • Complex Electro Funk


    'Complex Electro Funk' by Audio Masters blasts off with this stunning collection of superbly designed sounds. Produced to an exceptional standard and set to be an instant hit, this product features fat analogue leads, hard hitting stabs, modulated funk leads and more.

  • Chilled Guitars Vol 6


    'Chilled Guitars Vol 6' brings you 83 sweet and somber guitar loops ranging from 70-18 BPM and arranged in four easy to use Construction Kits. Recorded with high-end nylon string guitars, these loops are perfect for everything from Chillout and World to Downtempo and beyond.

  • Neo Soul Essentials Vol 5


    'Neo Soul Essentials Vol 5' brings you a brand new collection of 5 incredible Construction kits from the The Hit Sound. This pack has authentic vintage quality and sounds but maintains the musical relevancy of current Neo Soul. MIDI is included for producers who require extra control.

  • Chilled Guitars Vol 5


    'Chilled Guitars Vol 5' returns with 45 sweet and somber guitar loops ranging from 77 to 140 BPM arranged into five easy-to-use Construction Kits. Recorded using high-end nylon string guitars, these loops are well suited to a wide range of genres.

  • Acid Jazz and Garage Beats


    'Acid Jazz & Garage Beats' from Mobius Loops is a collection of 13 multi-tracked drum beats complete with musical accompaniment, blending the shuffled, displaced style of modern Garage & House with Acid Jazz. You'll find over 300 24-Bit ACID WAV loops perfect for re-sampling or using as a starting point for your own ideas, as well as 73 MIDI files.

  • Blues Guitar Loops Vol 2


    'Blues Guitar Loops Vol 2' from Vanilla Groove Studios will add some grit and soul to your tracks. Building on the popular first Volume, this pack features 64 rough and ready Blues guitar loops arranged into five Construction Kits (including rhythm, lead, and some bass loops), ranging from 68 to 140 BPM.

  • Chilled Violin and Guitar Vol 2


    'Chilled Violin and Guitar Vol 2' is here to add a little elegance to your tracks, featuring 75 bitter-sweet violin and guitar loops. You'll find 54 violin, 14 guitar & 7 ronroco loops, all perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to Chillout, Chillstep, World and Downtempo tracks. 


  • Chilled Drums Vol 1


    'Chilled Drums Vol 1' brings authentic texture to your Chillout, Chillstep, World and Downtempo productions. Included in this pack are 135 individual drum loops divided into 12 groups, all at 68 BPM. The pack contains a staggering number of fills and alternate rhythms, giving you all the flexibility you need to build the rhythmic backbone for your tracks or simply add a little extra spice.

  • Chilled Flute & Guitar Vol 1


    'Chilled Flute & Guitar Vol 1' is perfect if you're looking for some authentic flute and guitar loops to add body and texture to your tracks. This pack brings you 62 melodic loops arranged into five loop groups recorded at 68 BPM. Wet and dry loops are included, giving you maximum flexibility.

  • Daft Soul 2


    'Daft Soul 2' from TheHitSound is back by popular demand. The product that brought you all the Soul and style inspired by multi-talented music duo Daft Punk, returns to bring you more funk and soul. This product is filled with classic sounds mixed with a current style.