• English Spinet


    Single-note samples of an English spinet from 1718

  • German Lautenwerck


    Single-note samples of a Lautenwerck - a resurrected instrument forgotten for decades.

  • Italian Harpsichord III


    Single-note samples of a historical Italian Harpsichord from around 1690.

  • Italian Harpsichord II


    Single-note samples of a historical Italian harpsichord from around 1590. It features an instrument built around 1590 by an anonymous maker

  • Italian Harpsichord


    The 'Italian Harpsichord library out of the Edition Beurmann contains a historical harpsichord built in 1579 by Pierluigi in Livorno. Sharing its tonal qualities for almost half a millenium, it is a classic example of how Italian harpsichords were built for about 200 years.

  • Orphica Piano


    The Orphica Piano library offers a very special little piano.

  • Grand Piano


    The Grand Piano library offers the sound of a historical Erard Grand.

  • Pianoforte - Edition Beurmann


    'Pianoforte: Beurmann Edition' offers the unique sound of a historical pianoforte from Traugott Berndt in Breslau in 1848. Built by Johann Karl Traugott Berndt himself, who was appointed courtly instrument maker of the King of Prussia just one year before, the historical piano sports a graceful, charming, yet smart and slinky sound hidden in a plain-Jane bourgeois Biedermeier style housing.

  • English Harpsichord


    The realsamples English Harpsichord presents an instrument built by Jacob Kirckman in 1766.

  • Vintage Bass Collection


    The realsamples Vintage Bass Collection brings the Fender™ Jazz Bass® into the sampling world.

  • Slap Bass Collection


    The realsamples Slap Bass Collection brings funky slap single notes to your sampler.

  • Real Drums Collection


    The realsamples Real Drums Collection contains a Pearl™ drum set with two snare drums.