• Access Virus Revealed Vol2


    Access Virus Revealed volume 2 A long waited volume is finally here and the sounds are massive. All of the 128 patches are again backwards compatible from Access Virus B all the way up to TI-range as well as PowerCore and TDM users. The minimal usage of Unison-voices guarantees that you’ll have the most out from your Virus, instead of loosing polyphony with non-sense effects / oscillators.

  • Access Virus Revealed Vol1


    Access Virus Revealed Vol1 brings you the finest sounds for Access Virus B-PowerCore-TDM-TI range!

  • Access Virus Sounds


    This Sound Bank for the Access Virus (all models) contain 20 Hard and Tech Leads, 20 Dark Sounds, 20 Hard style synth sounds and over 60 classic Trance Leads. All programmed by FJ Project ready for you to spice up your productions.