New Arrivals

New Arrivals

  • Drums Passion

    Collection of 132 drum loops, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, rides, vocals and much, much more content.
  • Electronic Piano


    "Electronic Piano" by Loopersound, is a powerfull selection of Electronic Piano. The Pack includes 368 Files divided in 184 Piano loops labelled with the root key to 122 bpm and 184 Midi files that have the ultimate in flexibility being able to edit notes, velocity etc and assign your own sound. Suitable for Dance, House and Techno subgenres, Ambient, Chillout/Downtempo,Cinematic,Disco and Orchestra.

  • 60 Dubstep Snares


    In this sample pack you find 60 dubstep snares of high quality. If you're looking for Dubstep Drum sounds this little sample pack is a must. Mainly aimed at the commercial dubstep sound you can find variations of snare drum samples.

  • Organic Deep House

    Organic Deep House by Loopersound,offer a Great & Intense selection of Deep House Loops in line with the sounds & the Hits of the moment.The Pack includes 230 Loops divided into a massive Bass Line,reflexive Lead & Synth,Intense Fx,Percussions,Bass Hits, Midi & Synth Hits. All this in a groove outline, that creates a strong empathy with the listener.
  • Pop Intro


    This pop music intro is perfect for a report or interview opening scene, youtube video, marketing videos or as ident for any company video. You can use this track as royalty free music in your multimedia project.

  • 60s Pop Intro


    This intro music with a grooving 60's drum beat is perfect for introducing your logo or a product in a commercial youtube video, marketing videos or as ident for any company video. You can use this track as royalty free music in your multimedia project.


  • Trap Loops Vol. 4


    This trap sample pack includes 91 MIDI and 95 WAV Loops for Trap, EDM Trap, Festival Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep and RnB music producers.

  • THE ONE: Deep Future House 2

    THE ONE is back with a new Deep/Future House soundkit - THE ONE: Deep Future House 2, coming with 72 sweet presets for NI Massive!
  • Destruction - Designed


    As always, our DESIGNED collection provides you with ready-to-use, pre-designed sounds for instant awesomeness. You don’t have the time to build your own apocalyptic rampage? Our award-winning sound designers prepared this devastating pack of sounds for you, each of them a high-quality composition of destruction.

  • Hot Rod Rev Ups


    This Sound Effects Library offers sounds of V8 engines in a class of its own. Those gurgling, deeply growling power plants are already fascinating when still in idle mode. But when the pedal hits the metal, they unleash a raw symphony of pure and brute power a true pleasure for sound lovers and for those who are willing to feed those big block engines with gallons and gallons of fuel.

  • Deep & Techno Elements


    Second Release by Loopersound, Deep and Techno Element offer a Great selection of Deep & Techno loops that will make your productions High-Level in line with the sounds of the moment. The Pack includes 201 Loops divided a double version of full and drum loops, solid Bass, gritty Lead and Synth, intense Fx, top, percussions and synth hits.

  • EDM Loops Vol.1

    This EDM Sample Pack is perfect for genres such as Edm, Edm Trap, House, Trance, Dance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep. The Sample Pack contains 50 wav loops and 45 midi loops.