• The Orchestral Mood

    $1.38 $3.95
    Orchestral music perfect for your next commercial or uncommercial project.
  • Running Away

    $1.38 $3.95

    Beautiful, chillout melody with smooth drums, perfect for your next project.

  • Orchestral Chord Progressions


    'Orchestral Chord Progressions' from Nano Musik Loops delivers a sensational MIDI chord collection, featuring 30 indispensable 16 bar full chord progressions, making this a pack not to be missed. Use these beautiful and uplifting Orchestral chord progressions in your scores or for a grand opening to your next EDM production.

  • Salamander Song


    Bright, uplifting track with nylon-string guitars and a groovy chillout beat throughout.

  • Nylon String Step


    Smooth chillstep track with nylon string guitars playing a gentle melody, interspersed with dubstep wobble bass and other dubstep elements.

  • Fickle Steel


    World style dubstep track with nylon string guitars and a bamboo flute melody.

  • Softstep Blue


    Ethnic dubstep track with melodic piano backing and bamboo flute lead throughout.

  • Mandolin Funk


    Funky world track with mandolin melody, groovy bass and drums.

  • Light Braid


    Positive electro track with energetic synths, a driving beat, melodic flute and a feelgood vibe throughout.

  • Semblance of Being


    Emotive world beat track with ethnic instruments such as violin, Turkish clarinet and mandolin.

  • San Loco


    Emotive Hip Hop track with electric guitars and a strong Latin vibe.

  • Hard Justice


    Hard hitting Hip Hop track with over-driven guitars and a slight Persian vibe.