• Running Away

    $1.38 $3.95

    Beautiful, chillout melody with smooth drums, perfect for your next project.

  • Sonnet in Black


    Smooth R&B track with bluesy guitars and bass throughout. Clean lead guitar plays throughout.

  • Atlantian Flame


    Smooth R&B/Chill track with funky drums, smooth piano and rock/blues electric guitar throughout.

  • Hard Powder


    Dark hip hop track with big bass and a smooth melody.

  • Greyside


    Smooth R&B track with laid back guitars, melodic piano and a groovy beat. Real strings in the background, with a melodic hook (electric guitar) coming in at 2/3 mark.

  • Blueline


    Smooth, groovy R&B track with sweet keys, electric guitar lead and a funky beat throughout.

  • Polymer


    Smooth r&b track with jazzy guitars and laid back drums throughout.

  • Platinum Disco Groove


    Smooth track with retro disco feel and lead electric guitar melody.

  • She Plays a Player


    Smooth, laid back hip hop track with real strings, catchy keys and funky guitars throughout. Short guitar solo at mid point.

  • Simple Solution


    Smooth hip hop track with pianos, synth and soaring electric guitars.

  • Velvet Groove


    Groovy R&B track with smooth and dirty guitars throughout.