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How to Become a Successful Music Producer

Since their creation human beings are carving out different ways of entertaining and enjoying themselves. In the past music was simple and classical. But within time the invention of computer and the latest technology the world of music has also been revolutionized. The music itself has become a very fast consumed good. Music is also considered a food for the spirit and therefore people are attracted to it naturally. Composition, music production and the ways of singing and lyrics writing have changed. So the one question everyone keeps asking is “How to Become a Successful Music Producer?”.

Music Producer

A music producer is the person who supervises all the sound recording and production of an album or a band. He has to perform many important roles and research the ideas for artists. He selects styles and create or select original songs. The music producer also listens trough rough takes of an artists and improves them for the final version. So as a music producer there’s a never ending sea of expertise you should have but will never be able to do be an expert in all areas. So how to do it all? Do you need to be a mastering genius or the best lyricist on the planet to be a successful music producer? Certainly not but there are some main point you should focus on to become successful.

How to Become a Successful Music Producer

Being a music producer is not an easy task; instead, it needs a lot of experience and fondness. There are some simple rules to follow to become a successful music producer. These are:

  1. Create Love and Respect for Music

  2. Learn About Instruments and Engineering

  3. Master the Mixing Skills

  4. Try to Develop Relations

  5. Create Some Music

  6. Compose Your Favorite Tracks

  7. Use the Power Of The Internet

  8. Marketing Techniques

1. Create Love and Respect for Music

The very first step to become a successful music producer is to create a love for music and always respect the music composed by other producers. It is an admitted fact that a person cannot succeed in a particular profession until he loves it. Your aim should not be to make money, earn cheap fame, and prestige. Instead, love music from the core of your heart. Listen to music again and again and try to know its structure. Try to discover which type of instruments have been used. Always respect the arts of recording and producing. In short, keep music at the top priority in your daily routine life.

2. Learn About Instruments and Engineering

The second important thing is to become a student within the music industry. This means getting know how of the musical instruments, engineering and all other possible aspects. Almost all the top musicians have some background related to engineering or playing musical instruments. Try to understand the mechanism of different sounds playing together in the process. All this can happen more efficiently if you make yourself a student and are never to keen to learn anything about music and learn it passionately.

3. Master The Mixing Skills

Then there comes the improvement of mixing skills. Do you really need to be able to mix your music? The answer is that you don’t need to be the bes but you better be very good. Try to learn mixing by hearing different music and discerning the sounds. Mixing is a key to music production and so you need to focus on this part aswell. It is actually the interacting of different sounds with one another in harmony. Think always about the mixing of different sounds and genres. If you want to create heart touching and soul shattering music your song needs to be mixed perfectly as it each instrument needs the air to breathe and the space to shine.

4. Try to develop relations

By developing relations with music industry related people will help you to benefit a lot. You will learn more from these relationships and in some areas you are also able to give in your own expertise. The surrounding with other producers can create opportunities for you in future. You can always learn from other producers and give them something they can learn from you. Never feel ashamed to ask anything or ask them about how they achieved a certain sound in a mix.

5. Create Some Music

The next step is the creation of some music for trial. It is always said that practice makes a man perfect and it is proven that’s for sure. Your composed music will not prove anything at first but never let go and try harder. Try again and again and you will see the difference that your music evolve and will gradually improve. At this stage try to produce music individually only by yourself. All the renowned producers have made their marks by starting their own music. This said two other things are really important. If you’re not a good singer or vocalist then hire someone who can help you to sing the songs perfectly. While some say you need to develop an artist to become successful as a producer I say you can get away by hiring a session singer to finish your songs.

6. Re-compose your favourite tracks

Similar to step 5 where you create music solely for training purpose but with the only difference that you try to recompose your favorite music. This will help you to realize what sounds have been put together and what structures you favourite songs have. Choose a track you would like to reproduce and listen to it again and again but each time focus on a certain element. Try to understand the mix as a whole, the mood, the tone, the instrumentation and structure. Even study the effects they have used and where they added or automated the effect. After a while you will get better and better. When something doesn’t sound right you try to figure out how to fix it. This process is where you start to learn and realize how to improve a song. It will help you to get a bigger understanding why some things work together and why some don’t. To be honest it’s also the most hardest part. The part where you keep tweaking on a kick drum or drum loop for hours until you get it right.

7. Use the power of the Internet

After you’ve produced music it is very important to use the internet and upload it. There’s a lot of hard work to publish your music on the internet and acutally market it to people. Creating music is one part but in todays world you will need to put in a lot of effort in promoting your music on the internet. It would be shame if you have produced a great track but it will not get the attention it deserves just because you didn’t put in enough promotion effort. It’s a common belief that a track will become viral automatically by the power of mighty internet and your track will miraculously spread to all parts of the world. This is not the case. Even if your music is good. You need to go out there and spread your music by posting it again and yet again on the world wide web. Make sure you don’t spam any forums or websites but don’t be shy to repeat a post here and there.

8. Marketing for your music

While there is marketing where you send out promotional newsletters and press releases ther is also another part of music marketing and to become a successful music producer you need to understand the basics of music marketing. Understand that you are not just selling a record but that you are going to sell the style and uniqueness of your sound and artist. Today it has become harder and harder to establish your sound as a brand by using key sounds, samples or a certain structure. Build your own style by focusing on your strengths.


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