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Interview with Freak Music

We interviewed the producer of Freak Music with our 7 questions interview. Read about his favourite plugins, his tips for other music producers and how he made his first few bucks from producing music. Pawel sells his items at Roqstar. You can follow him at his profile at the bottom.


New Feature My Feed

We are proud to announce a new feature. We have finally added the new feature called My feeds. You can now follow other users on their profiles. But let’s not stop here what’s even better, if you like an item and you follow the seller of this item. You will automatically see a personalized Feed with the latest items of your favourite sellers created especially for you. The feed only shows up when you’re logged in Let’s have a closer look and go step by step.


5 Simple Rules To Produce Better Songs

These 5 simple rules to produce better songs will help you produce much better music and make your tracks translate better with your audience. Whether it’s an EDM, Hip Hop, Classical or Folk song, it’s crucial to make sure that you watch these 5 areas carefully. Music is nothing more than communication with your listener. It consists several elements like energy, structure, silence and some other ingredients. These simple rules are not really technical or your basic EQ or compression advice. Things like these rules are much more important for the creation of a great song than technical skills.


11 Tips For A More Analog Sound

When you think about Soul, Hip Hop or Funk music you directly link it to analog gear. Many producers try to get that great analog sound in todays funk, disco, soul or hip hop production. Back in the day where the MPC 2000XL and other analog gear have been used the sound just sounded different. But let’s not start that analog digital discussion as this is a topic where opinions differ. A ton has been written about the topic whether digital music production can emulate the analog sound of old school productions. Whether you are a hip hop producer or love to produce soul music. Let’s have a look at some techniques to make your hip hop beats or soul tracks more authentic give them that old-school sound and make the sound more analog.


Preset Packs and Production Flow

Preset Packs can boost your production. Why? Producing music with a digital audio workstation is still like painting a piece of art. When it comes to EDM music production there is no way around the virutal synthesizer plugin Sylenth from Lennar Digital, NI Massive, Serum or other VST plugin instruments or soft synths. Many of them offer crystal clear sounds for EDM producers and the option to load in preset from preset packs. Whether you produce Deep House, Electro or Techno with soft synths you always have a vast of sounds at your fingertips.


New Marketplace Categories

After we detached the category section for downloadable Sound Effects, we have simplified the category system again to make things better organized and help you to find your desired digital audio items even better. The categories of our digital audio download marketplace might be self-explanatory but in this post, we briefly explain in what each main category stands so you can find your downloadable digital items better.