Become A Partner

Become A Partner

Join the ROQSTAR Team and earn money

You’re interested in music production?
You have your own blog or website or use social media?
Awesome! Join Roqstar and earn money as a partner.

Why Become A Partner?

With a partner account you can advertise items with links and earn money.
What's even better you can test and review items and contribute blog posts.

Partner Features

With a Partner Account you can advertise and have full control with real-time statistics.

Full Control

Once you are approved as a partner you can start posting links on your website, blog or social media channels. For every sale you earn a commission. Within your dashboard and have full control over sales and the commission you earn.

Earn Money

As a partner you can earn up to 10% commission of every sale. This means for every $100 you earn $10. Only by placing links on your blog or website.

Easy Link Generation

You can either use our premade banners and just copy and paste the html code or you can create a custom link. Creating custom links is super-easy and shown within your dashboard.


If you have enough funds ($50) you can request a pay out via Paypal or Bank Account. Otherwise we would have too many payments of small small amounts which makes no sense. You can request a payout anytime. If you close your account you'll be paid out aswell.


You can share links on your blog, your website but also on your social media channels. Such as Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform.

Automated Income

All the links and advertisements you can create automated income for years. Once you created them, all the sales made through your links will get tracked and pay you cash.


Your dashboard also shows you your all-time commission earned and the commission of the current month. You can search all referral sales and sales statistics. Your partner dashboard gives you all the for easy accounting.

Real-Time Sale Statistics

Whenever a customer buys an items coming from one of your links you'll get paid a commission. You also have full control in your dashboard to search commission and sales data.

Earn Money and Get Exposure

For every sale generated through your link you will get paid commissions.
Test Items and write product reviews on our blog and gain attention for your own name.